Celebrity Lifestyle and their Love of Jewelry – How to Wear Jewelry Like a Celebrity


How to Wear Jewelry Like a Celebrity

When it comes to the following fashion, celebrities are trendsetters both in terms of what they wear and the jewelry they adorn. Celebrities have a whole team of people around them to help them choose the right fashion pieces that make them look like the stars they are and which then causes a frenzy in the fashion world. If you find leading ladies such as Angelina Jolie or Madonna wearing snake jewelry one day, it will be guaranteed to hit the stores the next. Following celebrity lifestyle and their love of jewelry for your own inspiration is a great idea but there are some tips to bear in mind on how to wear jewelry as celebrities do.

Celebrities look beautiful and in our attempt to match their fashion choices and love of jewelry we can quickly lose sight of what actually suits us. While following the trend set by celebrities is great for inspiration you need to always see whether or not it will compliment your face and body type, not to mention your lifestyle. Celebrity lifestyle and their love for jewelry go hand in hand and so the same principle should apply to you to – choose jewelry pieces that speak to your image, personality and lifestyle as well.

When choosing jewelry, if you get it right it can beautifully accent your features but get it wrong and it can do the opposite. If your face is more round then you want to aim for jewelry pieces that are long and have angular curved lines. Don’t go for round earrings rather opt for long and dangling earrings. If your face has a long shape to it, i.e. the length is longer than the width of your face then you want to go for smaller more elegant pieces such as studs, triangular or circular earrings, and chokers when it comes to necklaces. For heart-shaped faces, triangular, circular, and chandelier earrings are the most suitable. If you have a square-shaped face, then you want to look for dangling, curved, and drop earrings avoiding any square and rectangular shapes. For diamond-shaped faces, you want to go for wide and short-styled earrings – studs are a perfect choice. Last but not least if you have the classic oval shape then you are lucky enough to find most earrings that will suit you!

Keeping the shape of your face in mind by following the tips above, combined with your personality and lifestyle choices you can find jewelry that really speaks to you and highlights your best features – just like the celebrities manage to! Celebrity lifestyle and their love of jewelry can be a wonderful inspiration as long as you don’t omit your own character and personality style in the process.

Wear Jewelry Like a Celebrity

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