How to Sell a Laptop at a Pawnshop


How to Sell a Laptop at a Pawnshop … To pawn or not to pawn? That is the question! If this is an easy question for you due to unforeseen circumstances, then there are a few details that must be considered when it comes to selling your laptop at a pawn shop.


1. Will the pawn shop accept your laptop?

It is not a good idea to take for granted that just because you are doing business with a pawn shop means they will accept every Lenovo, Asus, MacBook, or Dell there is. In the interest of time, it is beneficial to contact the pawn shop prior to your visit. Depending on the results of the conversation you could save yourself and the pawn shop valuable time. When discussing your laptop with the pawn shop representative, be as thorough as possible. There is no such thing as too many details when it comes to electronics and laptops are no exception. With such a wide array of options available, it is important to indicate whether the laptop in reference is a two-in-one, a standard laptop, or if it has a detachable keyboard. The amount of RAM, as well as the type of processor, are significant details that separate laptops from one tier of value to another. Newer laptops have what appears to be less RAM, but they also have fewer moving parts internally which is a valuable asset for a laptop. Less moving parts = less heat to dissipate. Less heat dissipation = longer life for the laptop. The bottom line is simply put, when it comes to describing your particular laptop – more is more!

2. Do you have all the accessories that accompany your laptop?

Although not the main aspect of what you are selling, the accessories are important to closing the deal. All laptops will have an AC battery charger at the very least. It will be required of you to have this small, yet important piece of equipment when you seek to sell your laptop. If you have a two-in-one laptop with a detachable keyboard, then you will be at the mercy of the pawn shop if they choose to make an offer on your device without it. The keyboard is not as important as a battery charger because you do not lose any of the functionality of the two-in-one, however, it is always a good idea to ensure all accessories are available at the time of sale.

3. Is your laptop clean?

Regardless if you intend to buy back your laptop or not from the pawn shop I highly recommend you clean all personal files, pictures, videos, and information that may be stored on websites and even documents offline. This only protects you and is very simple to accomplish. Each laptop comes with the option in the start menu to reset the PC. This option is often found under the computer’s settings. This will clean your hard drive as well as your browsing history, data, and cookies. Internally, your laptop will be as new. Even more important than a laptop that is clean internally is a laptop that is clean externally. Even if your laptop runs perfectly, if it is dirty and has smudges on the screen, then the perception is that you did not do a great job taking care of the device. This will be a red flag and an unnecessary one as you can avoid this by taking a damp cloth to meticulously clean the outside of your laptop.

4. What type of offer should I expect?

Warning!!!! Do not expect to receive anything close to what you purchased for your laptop brand new. Many people will be disappointed at the price quoted for their laptops. In business, the price someone is willing to pay is directly connected to the value the buyer places – not the seller. Anytime you are dealing with electronics, it is a buyer’s market simply because of the speed of business. The moment you purchase your new laptop it begins to lose value because there is always a newer, faster, sleeker device coming out that makes your “top of the line model” appear obsolete. So, keep an open mind and do your research.

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