If You Invested in a Krugerrand 20 Years Ago, How Much Would It Be Worth Today?

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If You Invested in a Krugerrand 20 Years Ago, How Much Would It Be Worth Today?

Investing in gold, particularly in Krugerrands, has proven to be a reliable strategy for long-term wealth preservation. Let’s delve into the performance of Krugerrands over the past 20 years, using data from Cape Gold Coin Exchange to provide a clearer picture of this investment’s value.

Historical Performance

Using historical price data, here are some key figures for Krugerrand prices:

  • 1999: The average price of a Krugerrand was approximately 1,920 ZAR.
  • 2019: The price had increased to about 23,400 ZAR.
  • 2023: The price further rose to 40,000 ZAR by June.

Growth Over Time

  1. Initial Investment in 1999: Let’s assume you bought a Krugerrand for 1,920 ZAR.
  2. Value in 2019: After 20 years, this Krugerrand was worth approximately 23,400 ZAR.
  3. Value in 2023: By 2023, the value had surged to around 40,000 ZAR.

Percentage Increase

Calculating the growth from 1999 to 2023:

  • Initial Price (1999): 1,920 ZAR
  • Final Price (2023): 40,000 ZAR

This incredible growth highlights the potential for significant returns when investing in Krugerrands over a long period.


Investing in a Krugerrand 20 years ago would have resulted in a nearly 2,000% increase in value by 2023. This demonstrates the coin’s robust performance as an investment, outperforming many other asset classes. For those looking to diversify their portfolios with precious metals, Krugerrands remain a compelling option.

For more detailed historical prices, you can refer to the Cape Gold Coin Exchange.

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