The history of a Jeweller dates back several centuries, where it started in Egypt, with the use of shells, animal teeth, and unusual objects, being ultimately worn as adornments. Over time wearing these jewelled creations became a status symbol or a sign of rank. This trade evolved eventually to goldsmiths, fine artists in Italy, and industrialization in the modern western world. Top-of-the-range jewellery enterprises such as Cartier employ jewellers who are specialists in their field of expertise.

A jeweller can design and create rings, pendants, bracelets, and earrings in a timeless age-old craftsmanship using a wide variety of settings for jewellery designed to be one of a kind and unique or for a special occasion, or even on order.

A jeweller can offer incomparable service and knowledge whether his skills are needed in repair, design, manufacture, re-setting using heirloom jewels or specifically sourced gemstones or diamonds. A jeweller can be approached to give an accurate appraisal relating to the sale of all items of jewellery, whether they are modern items or have vintage or antique values.

Self-employed or freelance jewellers can earn an income as jewellery designers or can work for a jewellery manufacturing company, in creation, repair or both. Skills required for this job are good hand-eye coordination, artistic skills and fashion sense, knowledge of gemstones and diamonds, and hands-on training. Timeless beauty creations are often created by artists starting out as jewellers. Tailor-made or uniquely designed or customized jewellery items often have to be sent to a jeweller for the high standard of quality workmanship required in this trade.

Design and manufacture of costume jewellery also have a big place in the worldwide market. Typically, costume jewellery is manufactured from imitation gems and cheap metals in large quantities. Whereas design and manufacture of quality expensive jewellery items using expensive and specifically sourced materials and gemstones and diamonds bring in a small fortune from the affluent clientele worldwide, from the west to the east, using items that are rare and sought after. Beautiful creations often come at a predictably princely price.


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