Jewellery Trends Move Towards Gemstones

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There is a new trend among jewellery consumers and jewellery trends. A noticeable shift away from diamonds and a move towards gemstones like pink sapphires, red rubies, tanzanite, and so on. One of the reasons is a new inclination or trend towards more colourful jewellery pieces or jewellery pieces with more colourful
accents. This trend seems to go across the board from wedding sets to casual everyday jewellery pieces.
This is not to say that diamond jewellery pieces are no longer trendy or desirable, it is really more about enhancing diamond-encrusted jewellery pieces with accents of colourful gemstones so that the pieces are more unique and also stand out more in a crowd. In addition, comes the revelation that this
trend toward colourful accent pieces made from various gemstones is not exclusively a trend for the younger crowd. Many older and more established clients are also looking for pieces with more interesting designs and colour accents.

One of the driving factors behind this new trend has to do with other areas of fashion. Custom dress designers are moving more towards creating one-off gowns or fashion pieces and the customers looking for unique gown designs are also looking to enhance these custom gowns with matching colour themes in their jewellery pieces. Gemstones have the ability to give jewellery designers as well as jewellery customers many new options in terms of colour combinations that will complement the rest of their ensemble perfectly.

Another angle also centers on certain cultural and religious rites and ceremonies, particularly within the Hindi faith where certain colours are associated with certain deities and certain religious festivals and rites. Here the gemstones play a particularly important role in helping to accent both personal jewellery as well as gemstone pieces that are sewn into costumes that are specifically designed for certain religious events and festivals.

This new trend towards gemstones that enhance other engagement rings and jewellery pieces has given new impetus to the jewellery industry as this trend tends to be a worldwide phenomenon rather than just a localized one. There is a new demand for a very broad range of gemstones.

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