Johannesburg Pawn Shop

Johannesburg Pawn Shop – Isn’t it funny how people need money during the weirdest times of the month? Times are tough and even people in higher income brackets struggle to make ends meet. LMB Pawn Gold and Diamond Exchange (Loan Merchant Bank) is a reliable pawn shop that offers exclusive services to a wide spectrum of clients in Gauteng Johannesburg. The two main services we offer are pawn goods for cash and assisting clients to sell goods for cash.

We pride ourselves on coming up with reasonable and affordable solutions for people who need long-term and short-term loans instantaneously.

We offer cash for cars, cash for jewellery, cash for Krugerrands, and any other items of value. The process is simple as we understand the urgent need for cash loans these days, and we have turned this business into a customer-centric one. Make sure the customer can decide what to pawn or sell to us for immediate payday loans.

It’s easy, simply visit us with the item you want to pawn or call us with a detailed description of that specific item and as soon as we have evaluated the asset, we will give you an agreement and the cash will either be transferred right away or paid to you in cash on the spot.

For many years we have been giving customers immediate cash relief, so come speak to us and let us solve your cash flow problems: sell your second-hand jewellery, sell a car that you don’t use anymore.
LMB Pawn Gold and Diamond Exchange is open by appointment for your convenience this is why we are well known as the most reliable pawn shops, contact one of our pawnbrokers and get cash for your goods today.