Sell Coins

Everybody thinks that they have a million rand coin just because it is an old South African coin but this is often not the case. You usually only get cash for your coins when you sell Krugerrands to us. We are also a coin exchange and thus sell coins.

Krugerrands are collectible coins made out of 24ct gold manufactured in South Africa. They are worth a lot of money because of the one ounce of fine gold used to manufacture them and their rich historical background.

Don’t be a victim of the recession, especially if you have Krugerrands stashed somewhere. Sell your coins only at LMB Pawn Gold and Diamond Exchange, a pawn shop that specializes in offering cash for Krugerrands and other valuable coins.

There are many things that people have accomplished with the extra cash they received from pawning their possessions. You might need an extra cash flow injection to finally seal a deal that will change your life forever. Take the risk and pawn your valuables with a reliable 24-hour pawn shop, it’s easy, make an appointment and an experienced pawnbroker will be at your service right away.

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