The best jewellery retailers on the market


The best jewellery retailers on the market

If you haven’t heard some of these big names, where on earth have you been? The designers listed below are some of the most influential and fashionable the world of jewellery has to offer.

Of course, everyone has heard of Tiffany’s. Made famous by the movie with Audrey Hepburn, Tiffany & Co is one of the foremost jewellery designers in the world, and is well-known for their trademark Tiffany’s box. Another American legend, Cartier, is known not just for jewels but for its exceptional watches too. Cartier’s well-known collection of cats is famous for its platinum sheen and emerald eyes.

In New York, a walk along Fifth Avenue will take you to the beautiful home of Harry Winston. One of the foremost designers of diamond jewellery, Harry Winston is also well-known for designing all types of precious stones, some of them more valuable than you can imagine. Moving on to some other well-known jewellery designers, Van Cleef & Arpels have been world-renowned as manufacturers of designer luxury jewellery. With incredible in-store designs and unusual pieces, the designers have taken the world of jewellery to the next level.

The name Buccellati is associated with exclusivity. This brand of jewellery design has become legendary for the brushed gold and platinum pieces, encrusted with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds. They are well-known for their luxury pieces, as is Graff, a name that is associated with some of the most incredible and high-quality gems in the jewellery industry. Graff is a manufacturer of some of the most incredible earrings, nouveau necklaces, and rare rings.

Bulgari is another brand made famous for its jewellery and perfume. Inspired by the Roman and Greek pieces of old, Bulgari generally design in simple gold, encrusted with all manner of gems and jewels, and their pieces are legendary for their luxury and expense. Another impressive designer, Chopard has made its name in manufacturing one piece at a time, a piece that is original and is sold for a hefty price. Chopard recently opened its 100th store in New York.

Originally recognized for diamond watches, Piaget has become a quick favorite in the Western world for its design of diamond studded jewellery and its Hearts and Charms collection. One of the most well-known designers of jewellery from the East, Mikimoto specializes in all things pearl. Their exclusive collections and incredible attention to the tiniest details have won them a place in the heart of jewellery lovers everywhere. If you’re looking to buy or sell diamonds then these guys are a great resource to contact

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