The best pawn shop in Johannesburg


We are the best pawn shop in Johannesburg. Some clients can’t resist the lure of gambling institutions such as Monte Casino and find themselves walking out at four in the morning, having lost their entire salary, and are desperate for quick cash. So they pawn a watch, a wedding ring, or even a car. People are also flocking to pawn shops because of the increasing difficulty to access short-term loans. “Pawning your goods has become the new option to gain instant short-term credit”, adds Haasbroek.

Far from the seedy little corner shops they used to be, pawn shops have become legitimate businesses that supply fair rates and are highly educated about the stock market, using information from the JSE on a daily basis to check the gold price and the value of precious metals. Pawnbrokers have become experts at evaluating diamonds, gemstones and jewellery, especially high-end watches. In addition, expensive household goods such as oil paintings, power tools, machinery, cars, motorcycles, boats, jet ski’s and electronics such as laptops, iPads, iMacs, Macbooks, flatscreen tv’s are also accepted.

Says Haasbroek, “Of course, not all clients are irresponsible. Some need instant cash because of a family emergency and hospital bills need to be paid. However, those who come to us because they just need some extra cash before pay-day are a great example of people not budgeting for their lifestyles”. To ensure that Haasbroeks’ business always stays above board, LMB Pawn Gold and Diamond Exchange is accredited by the Second-Hand Dealers and Pawn Board and just in case any stolen goods should pass his way, LMB is registered at the Sandton Police Station under the Terms: Section (3) of the Second Hand Goods Act 6 / 2009. Any stolen goods are immediately sent to the authorities.

So next time you need that bit of extra cash, don’t feel embarrassed to walk into your local pawn shop. You never know, you may have an heirloom that is worth way more than you expected and your money problems could be history.


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