Top 5 Tips to Selling Your Gold, Silver and Estate Jewelry

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Top 5 Tips to Selling Your Gold, Silver and Estate Jewelry. So you want to sell your gold, your silver, your estate jewelry. But do you know how to do it the right way? What to do and what not to do? Who to go to and who to avoid? No? Then let me help you make this a fruitful endeavor as opposed to a bust.Tip #1: how many karats is your gold? The amount of actual gold or silver in your object will greatly determine how much your object will be worth. Typically, the object will not be a hundred percent silver or gold; it will be blended with other low and cheap metals to create the object. Know how much of your object is precious–it will give you a good estimate of how precious it actually is.Tip #2: what is the price of the metal on the market? This is something that fluctuates. Now, I can’t tell you what the right time to sell would be, but start to observe the market. Once you see even a little bit of a spike that is above the trend, go for it.

Tip #3: melt or sell? This is more important than you would think. Sometimes, the gold or silver, or especially in the case of jewelry, piece is worth more in its original condition. Let’s say you go to a pawn shop in Johannesburg–they will be more than glad to help you find out the value of the piece in melted form versus original form. The Johannesburg pawn shop, in this case, would be more knowledgeable on this than the internet.

Tip #4: Choose a place with a permanent address. This is more for your security. The Johannesburg pawn shop, or the Gauteng pawn shop, would have a permanent address. Even in the case of selling online, make sure to have an address to trace back to.

Tip #5: most importantly, have an ID. You can’t sell your items without having a government-issued ID.

Keep these tips in mind when you traipse your way to the Johannesburg pawn shops.

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